How Super Treasure Hunt Works

This website creates a customized birthday party treasure hunt game for kids ages 8 and up. It combines a treasure hunt with code breaking and clue solving. The ultimate goal is to figure out the combination to open a treasure chest locked with a combination lock that you provide.

How it works? Step 1.

1. You enter game information in the game form.

How it works? Step 2.

2. You Setup player names, and submit game form.

How it works? Step 3.

3. Next you go to store, and buy some tickets.

How it works? Step 4.

4. Than you go back, and enter your ticket number

How it works? Step 5.

5. Finally you print your game from any computer.







treasure hunt lock Before proceeding, you'll need to get a typical combination lock, available at any hardware or department store for around $4.00. It needs to be the type with a 3 digit combination. Alternately if you have a combination safe, this works excellent too, as long as you can change the combination after the game to keep your valuables safe.


First, you'll fill out the 'Super Treasure Hunt Game Form' (shown completed):

When you submit the form, the computer program shuffles and prepares the game clues for your printer.

The printout is organized and with easy instructions for you to set up the treasure hunt.

You simply cut out the: 'Clues', 'Heiroglyphs', 'Lockboxes' and 'Keys', and hide them where the instrucitons tell you.

Here's a sumary of the how the treasure hunt works for the kids:

The Heiroglyphs:

9 of the 10 Clues are translated into 'Heiroglyphics' and end up looking (printed) like this:

Clue for Treasure Hunt Game

As the treasure hunt progresses, the kids find Clues and 'Glyphs':

Birthday Game Glyph 1
Birthday Game Glyph 2
Birthday Game Glyph 3
Birthday Game Glyph 4


The Keys:

They also find the 9 numbered Keys (also printed), for example:

Treasure Hunt Game Key 1
Treasure Hunt Game Key 2

In addition to the 10 hiding locations (which the clues lead to), there are 10 'Lockboxes'. These are envelopes or paper lunch bags with printed padlocks taped to them. Some lockboxes have one lock and some have two:

Lockbox locks

When the kids show you the correct keys to open a lockbox, then you give them the lockbox (envelope), which contains more clues or glyphs.

The Grand Finale:

After much ingenious brainwork and running around, the kids will find and decode the clues which reveal the combination to the Treasure Chest you have physically locked with the combination lock. This treasure chest can be a trunk, a toolbox, a toy box or an actual safe. Inside the treasure chest, you have put prizes for the kids. I like to include several outdoor toys. After all the brainwork, the kids go berzerk with them! Chocolate coins are a great addition to any treasure.


The Game is a Big Hit with the Kids Every Time!


Complete List of what you will need:

  • Combination Lock with a 3 number combination (you need this before filling out the game form)
  • Treasure Chest, trunk, toolbox, etc. that you can lock with the combination lock
  • 10 envelopes, paper lunch bags or small boxes for the 'Lockboxes'
  • Scissors to cut out the clues and tape to tape the paper locks to the lockboxes
  • Printer attached to your computer (or you can save the printed pages and print them elsewhere)
  • Enough paper and ink for 24 printed pages
  • Your credit card. The game costs $14.95 (or 1 STH Game Ticket) - with no additional hidden costs.
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