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Mind stimulating treasure hunt game, ideal for birthday parties and all family events.


Customize the game clues online. The treasure hunt adventure is created. Print and follow the instructions.

The kids have two hours of fun decyphering the hieroglyphic code and finding the hidden clues, keys and riddles.

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The ultimate object of the game is to open a treasure chest, locked with the combination lock you provide.

It's a big hit every time.

A great birthday party game that makes kids think!


Super Treasure Hunt gets kids thinking, running, and working together as they break codes, solve clues and unlock the treasure chest.

You pick the locations, indoors or out, and Super Treasure Hunt automatically generates a customized game, complete with hieroglyphic clues, keys, and detailed instructions.

Print it out, place the clues, and Have a Great Birthday Party! - Tell me more.

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